November 13, 2023

How To Make a House Your Home

Making a house feel like a home is an art that goes beyond simply furnishing the rooms and hanging up some artwork. It’s about creating a warm and inviting space that reflects your personality and brings a sense of comfort and belonging. In this blog post, we will explore the various ways that you can transform your house into a loving home.

Setting the tone: Colour scheme is at the top of the list when it comes to determining the ambience of your home and one of the best ways to reflect your personality. When looking for inspiration think about colours you love to wear, the environments you like to spend time in and the hobbies you enjoy. Consider combining a main, neutral shade with an accent colour, whether it’s bold or subtle it should strike a chord with you.

The perfect surface underfoot: The form and functionality of flooring is important to your home. It is every bit as visually impactful as the colour of the paint on your walls or the style of your furniture. Consider the rooms where the floor will be laid in, as every room has a different function so you will have to think about natural light and what style works best with your decor. At our Lancaster Park development we offer various LVT, tiling & carpet options for our homebuyers to choose from.

A home isn’t complete without furniture: The three most important pieces of furniture that should be at the top of your shopping list are, a sofa to relax, a comfortable bed and a practical dining table. It’s important to opt for pieces that reflect not only your style, but your lifestyle and your budget. Remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune on furniture to perfect your home. Choose items that will add character to your home and never over fill a room with furniture, as you will want to move around freely in the space.

The kitchen is the heart of a home: The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in your house, for you and your family. It is the hub of the house, kitchens aren’t just used for cooking but also for family time, socialising, entertaining, relaxing and in some cases, working. Some of the best memories in your home will be made with your nearest and dearest in the kitchen, so you’ll want to make this room extra special. For that homely feeling, try adding soft furnishings into your interior, include a dining table that is big enough for all the family or install open plan shelving and inject your personal style by displaying some quirky home décor or cookbooks.

Styling and personal touches: There are lots of ways that you can style your home so that it’s meaningful to you. Soft furnishings and textiles add warmth, whilst rugs, pillows, throws and curtains will create a cosy and comfortable living space. Lighting is a stylish way that ensures your rooms are atmospheric and on trend. Other personal touches that you can add include a photo display, plants, artwork or a bookcase filled with your favourite novels.

Don’t be afraid to experiment: There is no one right way to make a home. Try different styles and see what works for you and remember, transforming your house into a home is a journey, not a destination and you should enjoy the process. So, relax, have fun and create a space that you love to come home to.

At Fraser Millar, we don’t just develop houses, we build homes. We understand that your dream home is unique to you, so we offer a range of finishes to choose from which allows you to create a home that perfectly reflects your taste and lifestyle.

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