April 30, 2024

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) System – What Is It And Why Is It Beneficial?

If you’re considering purchasing a Passivhaus home, you’ll likely have heard a lot about the Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) system that is a staple piece of technology required to meet rigorous Passivhaus standards – but what is it and how does it benefit the occupants?

In this month’s blog, we’ll discuss how a MVHR system contributes to energy efficiency, indoor air quality, wellbeing, and overall sustainability in a Passivhaus home.

What is a Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery System?

A MVHR system is fundamental to Passivhaus standards and in very basic terms, refers to fans that mechanically supply fresh air into the home and extract the stale air on a continuous cycle. Both fans ventilate at an equal rate which means that the air coming in and out of the home is balanced. The air coming into the home is passed via a heat exchanger, which enables most of the heat energy to be transferred into the incoming air stream.


What are the Benefits of a Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery System?

  1. Heat Recovery:

One of the main benefits of a MVHR system is that it requires minimal external energy sources for heating and cooling. At our Lancaster Park development, we use a Nilan Compact P combined ventilation and heating system designed to provide fresh air and warmth to your home. This system is unique in that it can recover up to 95% of the energy as waste heat from the air and turn it into hot water, making it a highly energy efficient option.

  1. Reduced Utility Bills:

Due to inflation, the cost of gas and home heating oil has surged in recent years. As a MVHR system recovers a huge portion of heat, less energy is required compared with a more traditional heating system, which translates into abundant savings on energy bills for the homeowner.

  1. Maintains a Consistent Temperature:

Regardless of whether it’s summer or winter, a MVHR system will ensure a consistent temperature throughout the home all year round. Our Nilan Compact P system can be used for both heating and cooling and domestic hot water, making this a great option for year-round climate control. The continuous ventilation afforded by a MVHR system means a constant supply of fresh, clean air that reduces the risk of pollutants and dust from entering the home, which is hugely beneficial to those with allergies.

 To summarise, MVHR systems play a crucial role in achieving Passivhaus standards by addressing energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and sustainability. These systems not only contribute to minimising the energy demand of buildings and reduce energy costs, but also ensure a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment.

In 2021 Fraser Millar adopted the Passivhaus building model and we are currently developing a large-scale residential scheme in South Belfast called Lancaster Park. On the back of this multi award winning development, Fraser Millar is set to release a brand new Passivhaus scheme Beaufort Green on the Comber Road, Carryduff in May 2024.  To find out more, visit our website: frasermillar.co.uk.


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