June 12, 2019

Why buy a new build?

Whether you are a first time buyer or have a growing family, the idea of buying a new build home can seem very appealing. The decision on whether you should invest in a older property or move straight into a brand new home is down to personal preference. We discuss some great advantages to being the first person to own your home.

Make it your own

With most new build homes, you will have options to tailor elements to your personal style or needs. Many elements of the property like kitchen fit outs, carpets and tiles can be tailored for you so you can make your new home personalised to your own style and to suit your style of living.

You’re covered

New build homes are covered by the National House Building Council (NHBC) which means it comes with a 10 year warranty. This can be a very attractive element of purchasing a new build as well as the fact that most new homes are less likely to need repairs and maintenance.


New builds are generally built to be more energy efficient. Meaning you can save money on your energy bills as well as have a positive impact on our environment. With most of us trying to be more environmentally friendly, this is a positive step in contributing towards that movement.

No strings attached

Buying a new build can be more of a straightforward process, due to the fact you are not buying into a seller chain. This can make the buying process a lot smoother as you won’t run the risk of a seller’s sale falling through.


Help to Buy equity loans are exclusive to new builds. These can provide excellent financial support for individuals and families who need a little bit of a boast towards their deposit.